5 Best Chocolate Combinations as Valentine Gift

  2017-02-11 13:03:15   Somya

Here is a golden opportunity for those who are searching for the Valentine Chocolate Gift as per your soulmate nature - “Customized Chocolate”. Most of the time you do not have the option to do the customization and if you can do that it will be very costly. On BOGATCHI, you can have  more than 1000 options and you can add any 5 best topping that you feel you Valentine likes in the chocolate at an affordable price range and add image and personal message. And here some some expert suggestions by which you can understand which chocolate can be customized for which type of nature person.
5 Best Chocolate Combinations as a Valentine Gift-

1.    Granola Chocolate Bar:-
This one will give you the base of chocolate with some health essence. Granola chocolate bar is extremely popular for getting quick energy source and it extremely tasty. People who like Granola chocolate bar are happy and impulsive. They typically have high self-esteem and are considered thrill-seekers. Granola chocolate bar lovers are good-natured. Here is a suggestion if you are confused what to choose in toppings-
•    Chocolatier Suggestion- Roasted Almonds + Dates + Chai Seeds + Peanuts + Ginger Powder
•    Customer Suggestion- Raisins + Cashews + Pumpkin Seeds + Walnuts Prunes
2.    Triple Divine: -
Triple Divine as a name suggesting itself, this chocolate bar is the combination of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate as you can see in the image - itself there is a layer of all 3 chocolate. This chocolate base gives you immense pleasure to have it with the toppings. People who like Triple Divine chocolate bar are mellow; they often go with the flow. Triple Divine chocolate lovers are also intelligent and many love to be the center of attention. They are romantic and thrive in long-term relationships because of their flexible natures. Here is suggestion if you are confused what to choose in topping-
•    Chocolatier Suggestion- Dates+ Cherries + Almonds + Rum n Raisins + Blueberries
•    Customer Suggestion- Sunflower Seeds + Almonds + Cashews + Raisins + Blueberries
3.  Chocolate Photo Frame:-
This chocolate is made in the photo frame shape. It is 18% dark cocoa. In the frame, you can put the photo of your Love to share your beautiful memories. A perfect Gift for gifting it to your Love on this Valentine. People who like the Chocolate Photo Frame often found to have quirky sense of humor, are romantic and other people are easily drawn to them. Some suggestions on toppings by our expert chocolatier and customer
•    Chocolatier Suggestion- Almonds + Cashews + Mango Fruits + Coconuts Shreds + Crispy
•    Customer Suggestion- Walnuts + Pumpkin Seeds + Honey Roasted Almonds + Fancy Strands
4.    50% Dark Chocolate :-
50% Dark chocolates have higher cocoa content than regular daily basis chocolates. They bit bitter in taste. Fans of 50% dark chocolate are sophisticated. They have strong opinions and tend to get dramatic. 50% Dark chocolate lovers are energetic and decisive. They love people and have strong relationships. As per the chocolate experts and popular customer chocies, some suggestion on toppings are-
•    Chocolatier Suggestion- Cranberries + Rum n Raisins + Hazelnuts + Salted Peanuts + Pineapple 
•    Customer Suggestion- Cranberries + Sea Salt + Walnuts + Raisins + Amla (Honey Soaked)
5.    White Chocolate: -
If you want to have the sweet and milky-creamy flavor to your chocolate, you can opt this white chocolate base with this will completely be suitable for people with bubbly nature who will surely love attractive colors on a white base. People who prefer white chocolate are creative. They often are found daydreaming and can come off as flaky to people who don’t know them well. White chocolate lovers like to march to the beat of their own drums. Here are suggestion if you are confused what to choose-
•    Chocolatier Suggestion- Cinnamon + Cashews + Pumpkin Seeds + Cranberries
•    Customer Suggestion- Coffee + Peanuts + Muesli + Anjeer + Dark chocolate Drizzle