Propose with Chocolates - Make it Special and Memorable!

  2017-02-12 13:32:53   Somya

Well, Valentine’s Week is that time of the year when love in all its forms and types is celebrated. Yes, in this week, the most nervous day is the Propose Day which comes on 8th Feb this day has a lot of importance – it is the moment of truth. Whether she will say ‘yes’ or she will say ‘No’ and what is she says those brain torturing four words “We are Just Friends”. On this day you have make all right moves and prepare yourself very well. One of the key ingredients of your preparation is to give her something that she loves. But, what is that she love? What if she does not like my gift? Do not panic. Stay Calm and take Deep breath. A lot of women love chocolates and gifting them huge bars of delicious, creamy chocolate is just another way to keep the love going.

Chocolate has always been a lovable gift as it says “I like you”, “I love you” and also "I'm sorry" so much better than words so as to convince your soul mate in the best possible manner, a time when all happily-in-love couples make the time and efforts to make their loved ones feel special.
Anything is good if it's made of chocolate, this is definitely going to make her smile and help you set the mood for rest of the conversation to follow. If you do not have much time or too busy with the proposal speech, hurry up and buy Valentine Special bars/ boxes of chocolates or the specially customized bars or boxes as per your choice. BOGATCHI chocolates will not let you down, you have to be confident and strong in your proposal. Leave rest to the delicious BOGATCHI chocolates. 

People usually say that if there's no chocolate in Heaven, then they do not wish to go there. So, give your friends, best buddies, girlfriend/boyfriend, even the crush the most precious gift of life, the lovable chocolates.

 A chocolate in a box, looks like a well behaved and perfect precious object in a place, all the while harboring a secret center, it feels like we are in an aura of love in which those small cubes, hearts, squares of chocolates, which slowly and gradually melts in your mouth and its momentum gains a greater recognition and deep relations with chocolates. Relations developed over BOGATCHI chocolates are soothing, smooth, and sensual. Ultimately, you guys in the LOVE Zone not “Friend Zone”!!!

Hold Tight! It’s time for the proposal speech. Remember, her hand and mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned. With BOGATCHI CHOCOLATES in your hand, just go with the flow of your heart and grab all the opportunities to have all means and ends which lead to make her feel loved.