The Day of Lips - Kiss Day. What do Lips Want ?

  2017-02-14 00:34:36   Somya

Well, kiss day is so popularized for the intimacy of couples, still, we really need to understand the real essence of the bond, the love and the actual care for each other when two soul mates meet. Kiss day is the 7th day in this Valentine’s week and is popular among couples to slowly and practically express their love and affection towards one another. The whole week, the soul mates are busy expressing their love by gifting roses, chocolates, teddies, several gift sets, etc.

So, what have you thought of how are you going to plan this occasion? How are you going to make it special, unique, or gratified? How can you make her feel comfortable? Every time we talk about this day, we feel blushed; shy as if either we are not aware of it, or just trying to make a mess out of it. Actually, we need to understand the actual essence or significance of this occasion. Kiss is a sweet, lovable gesture shared with a person with whom you can trust and has the special place in your heart. 

There are many ways you can kiss her on a forehead, hold her hand kiss on the back of the palm, give her the feeling that you are always with her (it is always not necessary to kiss on lips). Say few words and express your feeling which you feel for them for a long time but not able to express and also take something special which compliment at that time. But, What do lips want? How make things go with the flow ? How to make sure lips help you on this day ? I suggest you go with chocolates. Try out BOGATCHI box Valentine’s collection – just grabbing any box and choosing the packaging of kiss day makes your gift more appealing and just go ahead. Wish you all the best.

Give them the chocolaty love and care and make them all yours.