Love is in the Air - Take you first flight on V-Day

  2017-02-15 10:49:13   Tarun

Here is the most awaited moment of this week - The Valentine’s Day. And, today is the day every couple must be waiting and welcoming wholeheartedly. Building up the hype of Valentine’s Day are the seven days that come before and are celebrated whole week starting from 7th Feb Rose day where couples give rose to each other. And, then comes 8th Feb Propose day where you propose each other to be yours. After that 9th Feb is chocolate day where you give each other a BOGATCHI chocolate to make your valentine week special. 

Then, 10th Feb Teddy day where you give her favorite stuff toy so that whenever she is missing you your teddy is there. Promise day where you love birds promise each other to be in their life for lifetime, celebrated on 11th Feb. On 12th Feb Hug day where you Hug your beloved tight and make them feel special. Then, it is time for 13th Feb Kiss day - Kiss is a sweet, lovable gesture shared with a person with whom you can trust and has the special place in your heart. 

Finally,  the biggest occasion of this week 14th Feb Valentine’s Day especially around this day, happily-in-love couples like you make the time and efforts to make their loved ones feel special. They mark the day by exchanging gifts but spending quality time with each other is the most important thing.  A gift is something which enhances your feeling but when you are not with your special one then there is no gift in the world which can fulfill your presence. So if you are away from your valentine or busy somewhere, grab your phone and just talk to them. 

And, if you are with your loved one on this day and not able to express your feeling till now, we have an idea and the best tip, you just go and celebrate Valentine’s Day with that person and show your love towards that person you adore. Talk to them and plan a romantic dinner at her/his favorite restaurant and then propose them. You can also give BOGATCHI chocolates and flowers (particularly roses) to your partner on this special valentine occasion.

Forever, is long time but, I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.