6 Things that only we “the chocolate lovers” could understand...

  2017-06-08 15:10:29   Anukanksha

1. Everything tastes good with chocolate, perk up boring milk with cocoa powder or jazz up the bowl of fruit with chocolate syrup.  It’s gastronomically magical.

2. There is always room for chocolate, no matter how full we are, there is never a NOOO for an answer when it comes to chocolate. We are shameless, utterly shameless, in that matter.

3. Our hidden stash of chocolates, it’s like our vault at Gringotts Bank. The sensitive piece of information, no one is allowed to touch or even have a little peak.

4. Not every chocolate is same; widely there are dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. Yes people, white chocolate and milk chocolate are two different things. FYI, Dark chocolate contain high percentage of cocoa, milk chocolate contain small percentage of cocoa whereas white chocolate milk solids and cocoa butter, hence the aroma and flavour. Go feeeel the difference.

5. There are no favourites in chocolate, wide flavour taste palate makes it impossible. We love experimenting (by the way have you, the chocolate non-lovers, heard of chilli chocolate?) and delving into savour on regular basis. There are just different chocolaty moods.

6. My Romance with Chocolate is mine - Last but not the least our secret fantasy to be part of the story “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, a result of our everyday craving for chocolate.  We dream Willy Wonka knocks on our door someday and says”The chocolate factory is your , you deserve it”.