Have U Traveled Enough ? To found New You!

  2017-06-09 11:05:56   Anukanksha

The nomadic you is awesome you, makes you smarter, brighter and sharper, as they say. You always end your voyages better off than you started, always! One can never regret travelling, adventure trips or luxurious vacations, whatsoever; it will definitely evolve you into a cooler person.  Not just this, there are endless reasons for you to travel; to bring out the wander in you, to feel the wanderlust. So, what travelling does to you:  

1. More adaptable: while travelling things usually doesn’t go as you anticipated; wrong turns during road trips, delayed or missed flights while going for a relaxing vacation, bad local street food and much, much more. These travels teach to sustain in changing situations. You simply learn to alter the plans and move on during tough times. Because man, you’re awesome like that.
2. Makes you more Social: Go out meet people; you make friends, enemies or frenemies. Wine and dine with locals, know their culture. Recreate Dil chahata hai or Zindgi na milegi doobara or be the Zach Galifianakis of your very own The hangover. 
3. More Easy-going: All those mistakes, wrong decisions, that haunt you only during late nights while you are trying hard to sleep, it’s “been there, done that, many times” thing for all of us. However, once you start travelling frequently, exploring unexplored place, you get the point of “let it go”. You will be the preacher, the cool Guruji in your gang, “everything works out in the end, don’t worry”, “go with the flow”, will be your pet phrases.
4. Gets you to meet Sexier You: Stress causing aging, the fact. Those carefree, relaxing days on the road, on the beach, in the mountains, will make you upright confident and radiant, you’ll age slower. Unless you are George Clooney or his descendant because he is definitely getting better with age.    
5. Definitely Less materialistic: On the road, you learn how little stuff you need to survive, and all those fancy craps are just burden, making your backpack heavier unnecessarily. Moreover, your moms will be damn happy, when you’ll spend less money in malls and more time with her at home because maa k haath ka khana will definitely missed.
Doston; travel, try new things, push your boundaries, know your world and people in it, be smart, be awesome or as Modiji says “ jagrook bane,  Saksaham bane”