A Nice Sunday Poem, that will make your LAZY Sunday Sooooothing

  2017-06-12 17:09:55   Anukanksha

“It’s a Sunday”
There is no alarm scheduled for day, 
I’m sure it must be a Sunday.

 Oh lord! Do I really have to obey the clock? 
my mind seems so blocked
did some just knocked?

Must be the maid,
why everything is so fade,
are all my bills paid?

Oh! Look my dress from that ball,
I had a date with someone named Paul, 
It was Saturday night, after all.

Ahh! the hangover from last night,
gives me a strong fight,
did I made fool of myself downright?! 

No-no, no time for breakfast neither lunch,
someone please fix me a brunch,
preferably something French.

Friends have already called,
Shopping at mall the Grande,
But not to move, was what I planned.

Look at the window,
the wind do not blow,
therefore, I would not go.

Delhi  and hot Sunday,
lets listen to Dr. Dre.
 I wonder, Is it raining in Bombay?
Why it has to be so sunny,
Lets watch bugs bunny,
Yes, because he is so funny.
Lets switch off all the calls,
to bed here I crawl , 
Its Sunday after all.