Check out How Delhities Celebrate The Ramazan - Religion NO Bar!

  2017-06-12 18:03:55   Anukanksha

If you are a Delhite, you know how fondly and lavishly we love to celebrate the secularism of our country. Be it Eid Mubarak, Happy Diwali or Merry Christmas we rock at every party. We proudly portray an excellent example of “Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai sab hai bhai bhai”.

I remember just before the month of Ramazan, my friends and I used to go for Ramazan shopping for lovely kurtas and accessories, bargaining at the street shops around Delhi to buy as much as possible, preparing for almost every 30 days of outing during Ramazan. The iftari pizza parties at home, playing cards, watching horror movies were always the highlight of the “paak mahina” of Ramazan. To get permission from home for the after midnight drives around Delhi just to enjoy the pre-dawn sehri feast at Purani Dilli was a herculean task but we always used to get through it. “The nagging mothers during Ramazan” is still a hot topic among us. Delhi looks so beautiful at night, cooler, calmer. 

The qawwali nights at Nizamuddin Dargah were my favourite. This enchanted place dipped in the yellowness that of candlelight is so serine and dramatically peaceful. The thursday qawwali sessions steeped in soulful sufi music sung in an electric Ramazan atmosphere was definitely not to be missed. 

The Bazaar of Matia Mahal turns into apodictic Janath for food connoisseurs like me. The mouth-watering, fingerliciously awesome Nihari Kulcha, keema samosa, tandoori chicken with romali roti and special tangy masala chutney, Qureshi k kebabs , shahi tukda, phirni always took whole regime and hefty gym sessions for a toss. The cultural influences of Mughal era and the modern India can be easily experienced in these bustling lanes of Purani Dilli, which gets richer when a dish out of the lost recipes is served. The aura is so vibrant and so lively that the moment you enter the festive vibes hits on you and you couldn’t resist. A sea of people gather young, old; Muslim, non-Muslims elbowing their way around but this overly crowed fiesta is worth every visit.