Why should we read books? How does reading help ?

  2017-06-13 16:01:07   Anukanksha

Why do we read? Be it a morning newspaper sold roadside or hardbound books from well-shelved library, why do we have that urge to read? Why do parents encourage children to read? Why books are our best friends?

 The simple answer is pleasure. The vivid horizon of imagination tickles your brain cells and gives immense gratification. The pleasure derived from escaping from our limited, monotonous life. The plot, the characters and the settings takes you to another time zone, to a parallel reality, a whole new world. The excitement and the adventures of the protagonists or any another character brings a spark in you, you get to live a life that you never thought of; a life full of stimulated opportunities, that you may find that unrealistic in your world.  The best part of all this electrified corporeality is that, it can be cherished repeatedly, can be lived again and again. Better, you get to conduct yourself into different chain of events, one after the other. A fiction, non-fiction books most adequately engages with what actually push you, motives you.  

The epic strength and radiant beauty of various genres that the delved readers are into, cannot be defined. The fantasy fictions are the most exciting ones. Fantasies thrive as an oeuvre d’art of new world of magic. It allows impossible to happen, which open the door to the world of Narnia or way to the platform 9¾  at king’s cross station, which are filled with majestic witchcraft.  They entice your curiosities, grabs you, manoeuvres you through and don’t let you got until you set a foot at the finale. If, you ever speak to the fiction lovers they would tell you how much more fun is in reading the book than watching the film. When you read your imagination takes you to the places and levels that are truly yours and scale is not a problem whereas the movie is the outcome of imaginations of 2-3 people which at times is not fascinating enough.

The romance novels do have two things “emotional ecstasy and an optimistic ending”. The mundane life of yours is lost in the vitality, and you begin to appreciate “the sinful side” of everything.  Every unspeakable act that you have ever dreamt of comes into life. Here the “prince charming” or “princess charming” can be “crafted as per you requirement”. The cupid hits an arrow and you fall in love with the book, where love is always in the air. 

Therefore, such indulgence into fantasy and daydreaming, revolving around a book you read or just a random mind wandering is good, fosters your creativity. As they say “the person who read books never gets bored”.