These 5 Traditional Ramazan Sweets are must for any food lover - Drool over it!

  2017-06-14 14:49:37   Anukanksha

Jashan-e-meetha is the mood of Ramazan, the celebration of sweetness. Sweetness of relationship, friends and family and sweetness of oneself. Cherry on the top is toothsome Ramazan food, especially, absolutely sinful desserts that you can indulge yourself into. The culinary heritage of our capital city, a true paradise for sweet lovers or epicureans, Purani Dilli serves the best sweetmeats that one can have, and its must-visit of the season, seek gastronomic rides rich with sweetness. Visit in the evening, when the all night affair of  iftar bazaar comes alive with tantalizing aroma of delicacies and the delicious food is attracting you at every second or third shop in the streets across Jama Masjid. You’ll never be full enough to say “enough”, because it doesn’t go to stomach but straight to the heart. From my experience of visiting Ramazan Markets in the evening for last 5 years I have shortlisted these top five traditional delicacies that you should try:

1. Pheni - traditional dessert made especially during Ramazan, crushed and soaked in milk when served. It is an absolute delight. 

2. Shahi Tukda - is an undeniably delicious preparation of fried bread dipped in condensed saffron milk garnished with dry fruits and rose petals. Too sweet for you, grab a large glass of lassi to balance the Taste and move to the next. 

3. Rabri Faluda  - is sweet, rich drink, so thick that it’s served with a spoon.  Rabri mixed with on top of a glass full of faluda with crushed ice is supremely soothing in this hot weather.

4. Moong-Dal ka Halwa - is tender, luscious, rich and creamy halwa cooked in pure ghee is lip-smachingly blissful. A bowl full of halwa garnished with pista and badaam served hot, slips through your lips to tongue leaves an irreplaceable, irresistible taste in your mouth.   

5. Rooh-afza/Lal sharbat - a scarlet-hued, ages old refresher. Milk with watermelon cubes and rooh-afza is popularly campaigned as a Payaar Mohabbat ka mazaa, rooh-afza.
The streets decorated with colourful lighting and silver hangings, food-selling hawkers and the swarm of people shouldering around gives an impression of true desi mela. For truly memorable experience, come after midnight. Toh Chalo phir Kuch meetha hojaye.