5 facts that you DO NOT KNOW about India-Pakistan cricket rivalry

  2017-06-14 15:22:05   Anukanksha

The on-going exciting ICC championship, keeps under constant speculation what if, it turns out to be India vs. Pakistan in the finals. So here are some lesser-known facts of India-Pakistan rivalry in cricket history, to keep you at the edge. 
The Quetta ice-breaker
The Ayub National Stadium, Quetta, Pakistan, hosted the first ODI between India and Pakistan on the 1st October 1978. The match was for only 40 overs a side. The Indians won the match by 4 runs. This laid the foundation for an ODI rivalry that has continued for almost half a century now. We beat Pakistan in our very first match with them. Hahaa... on your face Pakistan. 

Players who have played for both India and Pakistan
Amir Elahi: for India (a test match vs Australia at Sydney in 1947), for Pakistan (1952-53)
Gul Mohammad: for India (1946-55), for Pakistan (one test vs Australia at Karachi in 1956)
Abdul Hafeez Kardar: for India (1946-48), for Pakistan (1948-58). We do share a lot more than just the history with Pakistan.

Inzy’s peice of willow:
In 1997, India and Pakistan met in Canada to commemorate 50 years of independence. They played five matches, which Indians won comfortably by 8 wickets. Apart from this Inzamam-ul-haq’s infamous “Bat Behaviour” stole the limelight. After being dismissed, Inzy appeared to have hit a spectator with his bat on the way back to dressing room. The spectator, who was later identified as an Indian supporter called him Aalooo “potato”. Well we do remember that must-talked-about incident in the cricket history. 

Cricket Diplomacy :
Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf made a trip to India in 2005 to watch the match between India and Pakistan. Although many felt that Musharraf made the trip in a bid to resolve the Kashmir conflict, he reiterated that his visit was purely to enjoy the cricket. This sort of behaviour later came to known as ‘cricket diplomacy’. Very smart Mr.Musharraf.  

Highest Scorers :
Pakistan's Saeed Anwar holds the record for the highest individual score in an Indo-Pak match with his knock of 194 in 1997, followed by India's Virat Kohli who slammed 183 in 2012. So we have to work upon that.