Top 4 memories with dad that every Daddy’s girl could relate to....

  2017-06-16 15:29:40   Anukanksha

It’s always said that dads are the first superheroes for their daughters and daughters are always the charming, darling, little princesses to them. All those moments that we have spent with our dads as little girls come alive when we think about them. We know he was, he is and he will always be there for us. Here are few memories with my daddy, which I always cherish. These memories remind me of all the good times I had as a little girl, a time without hustles or responsibilities. A time when my daddy took care of every thing and my only motive of life was to learn and have fun.

“What’s 12 x 7 is equal to”  :   I clearly remember how daddy used to make me to help him with calculations as “he not good with so many numbers all in together”, was his excuse.  He used to ask me random mathematical operations during our morning walks, walk to the market in the evening, etc. The funniest incident I remember was from my fourth grade. When we were waiting on railway station for our train to come, there was a goods train that was passing by my father asked me to count the number of wagons it has. It felt like a herculean task that time to count the moving wagons.  I struggled initially but was able to do it in my fifth or sixth attempt. There were similar practical games for addition and multiplication etc.  And that’s how I learn to do maths, especially tables.

“What time is it, sweetie” : He had this old watch, which didn’t had seconds hand but only hours and minutes hand. He taught me how to tell time on that watch. I still have that watch with me, it’s broken now but it’s still there. I always had that watch on my wrist even at home and daddy used to keep asking me what time is it , sweetie?, after every 10-15 minutes. That’s also one of the reasons for my fondness for watches. 

“let’s stone paper scissors” : My dad introduced to the most kiddish game ever, the very legendry “ stone paper scissors”.   “Is it sleep time or play time? Let’s stone paper scissors”. “We’ll go out to have dosa or pizza, let’s stone paper scissors”. So, the answer to every “biggg decision” was stone paper scissor. This taught be that I have to fight and earn for most of the things I will ever want in life.

“Go easy, go easy on accelerator” :  my brother never required any real teaching when it came driving. But with me, my dad had a really hard time. He used to sit next to me, in the car; one hand clutched to hand brake and other to handle above the window. I was good with maneuvering the steering wheel but the ”ABC” (Accelerator, Brake and Clutch) were mean to me, because of them I have hit a cyclist and a buffalo. They are so damn slow. 

So, like any other girl, my dad is my hero. He taught me most of the things in life, from riding my first cycle to first car, writing my first sentence to first cheque book, everything, he was always there, and I know he will be. I love you daddy, so much.