This Father's Day - I recall 4 things that made me hate my dad

  2017-06-17 14:54:11   Anukanksha

Have you ever felt like Ishaan Awasthi (from Taare Zameen Pe), when your father scolded you? 
Some really annoying things that fathers said to their kids, especially sons, which made sons to hate their fathers and think “ek din main ghar chooor ke chala junga”.
These things don’t make any sense now, but these so called one-liners were on repetitively made throughout our childhood.

1. Beta, paise ped pe nahi ugte... (Son, Money does not grow on trees..) 
Yes off course, we know that, otherwise we wouldn’t have been asking. But this phrase has actually taught us the importance of money.  The understanding of saving some money from our monthly earning is because our fathers. 

2. Kise baat kar rahe the? (Who are you talking to ?)
Every time our phone rang, dad through his glasses would ask, “who was that?”, which we didn’t bothered to answer or even if did, it wasn’t a polite or proper one. By keeping a check on our friends, they kept us away from bad influences. They taught us how to judge a person for its good character and nothing else. 

3. Jab tum baap banoge, tab pata chalega (When you will become dad, you will know)
For them everything is related to the status of being a father. But that was their way to put sense in their rowdy sons. To make them understand the responsibility towards oneself and towards others, also towards society. This is the reason I can proudly say “I’m a good person and a good citizen of India.” 
4. Ab hum kitne din aur jeeyenge.. (How many days we will live now ?)
The most sentimental dialogue they can ever throw at us. They use to it emotionally blackmail us and quite too often. They made us do everything using this one phrase. But now we love doing things for them and imagining a life without them is next to impossible. the harsh world out there, these things have actually helped us a lot. These lessons have taught us to be vigilant and responsible. It is their way to express love and care. They haven’t stop transmitting these pet-phrases of their, even though he are grown up and have taken charge of our life. But it’s okay, because now we know when and why they use these one-liners and we are smart enough tackle such situations. The “Ishaan Awasthi” phase has pasted now. From bottom of my heart I thank my father for making me what I am. Happy Father's Day.