8 Amazing ways to Enjoy Monsoon and make it Unforgettable

  2017-06-22 13:15:22   Anukanksha

The monsoon winds hit the southern and eastern coast a few days ago, is now knocking on the door of our northern plains. Delhi experienced the early morning shower, after reeling under the brutal heat waves for months. The weather forecast predicted it to arrive early this year.

When you think of rain, the awesomely romantic weather, the soothing earthy scent, brings a big happy smile on our face. Unless you think of traffic jams on the road.

Here are 8 amazing ways that will make you forgive rain and make the most of it this monsoon season.

1) Enjoy your favourite book 
Grab your most-liked book, sit in your balcony or by your favourite window; enjoy it with sip of your coffee or chocolate milk shake and the sound of rain pouring. Bit filmy set up, but who doesn’t love a little dose of the Bollywood, especially during this “awesome mausam”.

2) Go for long drives
Rain brings out the “romance” in you, go for the long drives with that “someone special”, turn on the music and let the love blossom. Don’t leave your friends or family behind, plan a drive with them too and just enjoy the weather, rebuild the bond that you often miss out on during your everyday routine.

3) Sip hot tea with pakoras
One thing that every Indian household could relate to during monsoon season; freshly fried, hot pakoras with a nice cup of hot tea, sitting under the shed and just watching the pouring rain. 

4) Awaken the artist in you
The rainy season unravel the artist in you. Be it painting, writing poetry, photography, rain has its way of inspiring you. Therefore on a rainy weekend when you are relaxed and don’t have errands to run, enjoy those hobbies that you haven’t paid attention to for awhile. 

5) Rekindle old memories, play football. 
Is one of the fond memories from your school days; playing football on the slushy field, drenched in the rain? If so, relive that charm, call all your school buddies and bet on a match. Loser team will organise a pizza party or something.

6) Take a break , plan a getaway
The monsoon is generally not a tourist season, therefore less crowd and lesser noise. If you love travelling and exploring new places, rain should not stop you. Take a trip to coast region; waking up to the beauty of the sea during the monsoon season would definitely have you falling head over heels for the rains. 

7) Go for bird watching
Those beautiful, colourful birds that are not usually seen, comes out of hibernation during rainy season. So go for long walks to nearby parks, Hauz khas village and Sanjay van are some of the best place for bird watching in Delhi. Don’t forget your raincoat and camera to capture these birds. Mind you, this activity requires lots of patience. 

8) Host a rain dance party
Call your college gang, get drenches in the rain and dance throughout day and the night away. Try not to make it too crowded and not to fall ill.  Have hot chocolate, hot spring rolls , etc for snakes and make a night to remember. 

Enjoy the season, Happy Monsoon!