If you are a Lawn Tennis fan, you must know these 6 interesting facts about NADAL

  2017-06-22 18:10:44   Anukanksha

Rafael Nadal ranked No. 2 now after recently winning his 10th French slam, is only three slams away to topple Roger Frederer’s record.  He is no doubt rocking the sports world with his god-gifted talent, great skills and undivided determination. 

Are you a tennis fun? Are you a Nadal Fan? Yes or no whatever be the answer. These are some really interesting facts that you must know about this sport star.

1. To start with, Nadal is a protective older brother to his baby sister Mirabel, who calls or texts her atleast 10 times in a day. The siblings are very close and Mirabel seeks advice from him on everything, clothes to career. Isn’t that so sweeeet??

2. Nadal is very fond of chocolate cookies but hates cheese, tomato or ham (any body fond of anything Chocolate makes BOGATCHI Happy :)). Even though he is on strict sports diet most of the times, he always carries a jar of homemade cookies with him. He isn’t a sweet-tooth but chocolate cookies are his weakness. Well who couldn’t go weak on ant form of chocolates??

3. With all the world-class skills that he shows on tennis court, very few people know that he is an excellent soccer player too. In fact, he is the nephew of soccer player, Miguel Angel Nadal. So the sports blood is running in his veins.

4. Other interesting fact about his sporty talent is that, Rafael Nadal plays left-handed but writes right-handed. Yes, he is equally efficient with both his hand. He actually trained himself to do so. How many of you people can do that?

5. With an early start, Nadal was eight when he first won a match against a 14-year-old on tennis court. Also he is the youngest player to win the Davis cup, as an 18-year-old in 2004. So he is an example the phrase “early birds get the worms”.

6. In Wimbledon 2008, Nadal and Federer played longest final ever in   Wimbledon history it took 4hours and 48 minutes. The record hasn’t broken yet. What else do you expect when two tennis legends are clashing? And off course, we all know Nadal won singles’ that year.