7 difference between E-Books and Paper Books that all book lovers can relate to

  2017-06-23 20:11:10   Anukanksha

We are in the world where everything is a click away, but a true reader who can relate to the feel of a hardbound book would never even think of migrating to e-books. A reader feels more hooked to a paper book and way more distracted when it comes to electronic form of the same book.

Although e-books are cheap and easy to download from anywhere in the world, it loses the essence of reading. People who have tried both the version of reading couldn’t agree more to these 7 pointers.

1. Paper books offer richer, more satisfying, reading experience as you can physically hold them, feel them, smell them and turn pages after pages. The whiff of an old book is as good as wet soil in monsoon season, which not at all be endured with a kindle in hand.   
2. One can feel a sentimental attachment to the book creep over them. One can feel more involvement with the storyline when reading a paper book that an e-book. 

3. E-books are too tiring for eyes and for brain. For those who like to read before going sleep at night, staring the LED screen disrupts good night pattern.

4. Paper books are collectibles. It can be get signed by the author. Paper books have the potential to become treasured heirlooms in a far more tangible way than e-books. 

5. Books help to de-stress. But doing it on a screen can have adverse effects! Over usage of technology stresses out, in addition to having detrimental effects on our health that affect our mood. Keep calm by sticking to paper.

6. It can be tough to finish an e-book unless you have a dedicated reading ritual. But an unfinished book stares at you in your apartment. You can’t just turn it off and forget about it – which makes you much more likely to finish.

7. The books you read help shape who you are. That’s why it’s so exciting when you find out someone else loved the same book you do. But that conversation generally doesn’t start unless they actually see the book you’re reading. Plus, lending a beloved book is a lovely way to bond with a friend. Neither of these can happen with an e-reader.