In Delhi University - “Which campus is cooler- North Campus or South Campus?”

  2017-06-26 11:54:45   Anukanksha

Soon the DU admission is to be started, all the newly school passed kids are excited about their new life, the college life. Only the top ranker students are the privileged ones to be admitted into one of the most reputed universities of India Delhi University (DU). DU attracts students from all over the India and even many Foreigner students because of its renowned quality (education wise) and quantity (diversity of students).

So all the DU aspiring students one Question that you’ll be facing throughout the three years of your college life in Delhi University is “Which campus is cooler- North Campus or South Campus?” This is a never-ending exclusive debate, which has been in the University and maybe will always be there.

So here is the checklist comprising important parameters:

1. Big Name and campus feel
The North Campus has its iconic red bricks, early twentieth-century architecture and can boast of housing historically prominent institutions of learning. Also in the North Campus the Vice Chancellor’s office was one the Viceregal Lodge, is where Lord Mountbatten proposed to his wife Edwina and where Bhagat Singh was once confined in a dungeon like room.

The South has relatively new and modern architecture, with its proximity to various cultural centres of the city scores. With student-friendly hubs like Satya Niketan and Amar Colony transforming into cocoons that can offer K Nags (Kamla Nagar in North campus) a run for their money, students of South campus have been given new argument to carry on the debate. 

One of the biggest advantages for North campus is that it is consolidated and has a vibrant campus life. And off course the three of the oldest colleges Hindu College, Ramjas College, and St Stephens College are in north. While south Campus is quite scattered and the   lack the ambiance of an University.

2. Connectivity
The Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro Station on the Yellow Line had made life easy for students going to colleges in North campus. Due disbanded locations of colleges in south campus, there is no proper transportation (especially metro) available.  Students living in south Delhi will have to car-pool or take University Special buses or DTC buses. 

3. Food Joints and place to hangout
North Campus offers delicious street food for all kind of foodies. The college canteen of Delhi School of Economics is quite popular among all the students for the delicacies. After college, Kamla Nagar and Hudson Lane are the places where students love to hangout and quench their hunger. TOM UNCLE,MOMO’S POINT,CHACHE DI HATTI in Kamla Nagar; BIG YELLOW DOOR,QD’s in Hudson Lane and BHEL PURI at Patel Chest are renowned places that every North Campus student love to boast about. Kamla Nagar provides excellent and finger licking street food. If you want to satisfy your palate at a fine restaurant, then Hudson fulfils your demand.

South Campus provides a variety of food hubs for the students. SATYA NIKETAN opposite to Sri Venkateswara College aka Venky is the most popular hangout destination among the students. This place presents a variety of restaurants like BIG YELLOW DOOR, QD’s, CHOCOLATE ROOM, SCOOTER ON THE WALL etc. They not only have a splendid ambience but also provide mouth-watering cuisines. Canteens of LSR, KAMALA NEHRU AND PGDAV are quite popular among the students. The bhel puri stall outside LSR gives competition to that of Hindu College.

4. Accommodation
For non-Delhite students accommodation is always a tricky question. Where to stay?, which PG to opt?, which is cheaper? are few questions which student often gets confused with.  North campus has various accommodation options, ranging from PGs to apartments to hostels. The hostels have limited seats and the criteria to get a room are often considered tougher than getting into a Delhi University college itself. Hence, majority of students opt for PGs or flats near the college. Being a posh locality of Delhi, PG’s in South Campus are mush expensive than North Campus.

So students, there is and there always will be tough competition between North and south Campus. Choice your course and college wisely, after all its about rest of your life rather than just these 3 year.

All the very best! Enjoy!