All travelers out there, the Leh Hemis Festival is a must-experience

  2017-07-04 00:12:58   Anukanksha

An ancient mountain festival, vibrant in all aspects, the festival of Lamas in the shadowed area of the Himalayan Mountains in the beautiful, snow-kissed and panoramic peaks of Leh-Ladakh , the Leh Hemis Festival is a must-experience . The splendor of Hemis monastery and the enchanting two-day festival will transport you to a land made of dreams.

Here are the 4 major reasons that you should witness the Leh-Hemis Festival at least once in a lifetime. This year in 2017,  it’s on 3 and 4 July.

1) The mystic masked dance of Lamas
Lama dancers with slow moves and fanciful expressions in vibrant burgundy, turquoise blue, mustard yellow attire will mesmerise you. It’s the re-telling of their ancient mythological stories and folklore, depicting the eternal message “good prevails over evil”. The spectacular masked performers wearing horns, multicoloured ribbons and brocade outfits shine vividly in the bright July sun. The traditional indigenous musical instruments like drums, trumpets and cymbals; creates the medley of sound on which this dramatic dance is enacted. These intense acts are captivating as it touches your every cell within. It’s divine and it’s enthral.

2) The rich history itself
A beautiful amalgamation of Indian, Tibetan and Chinese Buddhism, Hemis Festival is said to have its origins back in 8thCentury. It is delineated as ”the Kumbh of the Himalayas”.  The Hemis festival celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Padmasambhava (aka Guru Rimpoche), is believed to be the local and sole saviour who banished demons and evil spirits. The spiritual leader is said to have introduced of Tantric Buddhism in the Himalayan Kingdom. Combining the teachings of Buddhism and Tibetan culture, a new way was established where life was entwined with prayers, austere life and a higher calling.

3) Eat-out in leh 
The spellbinding Tibetan cultural and spiritual festival followed by authentic lip-smacking at the little Tibetan cafe right outside the monastery is something one ought not to miss. In the chilly mountains of the Himalayas, these few heavenly steaming meals one cannot enjoy justifiably anywhere else.

4) Opulent Souvenirs 
The animated fun-fair has numerous stalls where you can buy untold ladakhi artefacts.  The handwoven rugs, wall hangings and shawls in bright colors are easily sighted. There are potteries, woodcrafts, wicker baskets, woolens, bags and trinkets galore as well. 

Off course with splendid landscape, blissful hills and yellow mustard fields, one doesn’t really need a reason to visit leh-ladakh. But if you still want, you have a chance to hike up to the Hemis National Park and spot an endangered snow leopard, red fox and/or Asiatic ibex.

Don't miss out on this magically thrilling festival and plan your trip soon!!