4 things that should be kept out of the Gifting list on this Rakhi

  2017-07-04 17:25:04   Anukanksha

This may sound very materialistic of your sister, but its her “Janam Sidh Adhikar” to demand gifts, especially on Rakhi. Boys you get to celebrate the festival of “Rakha Bandan” only because of her. Don’t forget she is the reason that you were able to dodge so many parental scoldings trajectory that were targeted towards you, as a child and even now. So It’s your day to shower all the brotherly love to her, but do it in style.

No matter how old your sister is, getting gifts for her on Rakhi is a MUST. Therefore, while you are picking up a gift for her, be very careful. Your sister’s gift not just be nice but excellent. Mind you boys, her gifts on Rakhi are much more important than your girlfriend’s gifts on Valentine’s Day.  I know, I know it’s a tedious job, so here are 4 things that you SHOULD BE EXEMPTED AS A GIFT on Rakhi.

1) Stationery is not an ideal gift
Boys stop considering stationery (extraordinary pen/pencil/box) as the “ideal gift” every time. Such things are complimentary gift not ‘The Gift’. Be creative and get your sister something special, something that she was wanting for quite some time, but don’t forget the chocolates for Rakhi. 

2) No cash please.
Boys put some efforts, don’t just give away the cash and sit back. Even if you plan to give 5k or so, cash is big no-no. If you are not able to think of anything just take her out for shopping but don’t handover an envelope of cash. That’s so cheap. And no free coupons either.  

3) Taking her out for dinner is not a gift
If you plan to take your sister out to a fancy restaurant or even to MacDonald’s (applicable to little sisters, below 12 years) on Rakhi, that doesn’t mean you can get away with not gifting her. Again gifts are compulsory.  

4) No bouquet of flowers
It’s Rakhi, not an official reception. Please avoid even such ideas, it’s too impersonal. If your sister is really fond of flowers, you can combine it with   ‘The Gift’. But, only a bouquet of flowers will NOT be appreciated.