International Mango Festival - The only fruit festival of its kind

  2017-07-05 23:48:22   Anukanksha

Mango the “King of fruits”, irresistible tropical fruit has always retain it’s position in people’s mind. For Indians, Mango-binging during summer and monsoon is engaging as eating peanut in winters. We love to gorge on the desi variety of mangoes such Chausa, Langra, Malda, Himgiri, Dussheri and Alphonso. In fact, India is one of the proud and the largest producers of mangoes. 
Interesting fact:   Were you aware that India is the largest producer of mangoes but manages less than 1 percent of international mango trade? Why is that? It is because this country also consumes most of its own production.

Owing to its goodness of health and taste, mango wields its own magic every year as it celebrates two to three-day mangoes extravaganza in all their fragrant and flavourful glory.  The International Mango Festival, Delhi brings a great opportunity for mango lovers to start the summer season on a fresh and juicy note. It is also a level playing field for growers and horticulturists who showcase specialties of mangoes from mango-growing regions such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. Mango growers are encouraged to compete in different categories and in various kinds of competitions. The traditional mangoes along with new hybrids are displayed. Not just that, stalls and kiosks manned by reputed hotel chefs are there, ready to share creative food recipes, mango-based delicacies and quick-fixes like shakes as well as desserts with a twist. The festival also offers interesting lessons on mango carving, it’s sure to entice the tastebuds of foodies with various summer fruits, thirst quenchers, desserts, mango- based products and more. You can purchase a mango sapling of your favourite variety   to be planted in your own backyard.

Interesting fact:   Were you aware that in addition to cricket and Bollywood, Indians and Pakistanis are mad about mangoes too?  Mango is the national fruit of India and Pakistan.

The Mango Festival, Delhi 2017 will be held in first week of July at Dilli Haat. The Festival, is organized at the most opportune time around the month of July, after the seasonal showers. An awaited event for a mango-lover who can experience fruit-tasting at the best time. Also an event packed in musical programs such as renditions of folk songs on mango themes as well as many competitive events like mango eating competitions, slogan writing competition. 

As past trends indicate, visitors can enjoy well over 1100 varieties of mangoes along with some exotic species of this succulent fruit make entry into the festival in various categories.  The agro-industries, and food-processing industries showcase their range of jams, jelly, pickles, chutney, papads, pulp, fruit squashes and 'aam panna' concentrate, essences and tinned fruit.

Interesting fact:   Did you know that there are more than 1365 varieties of mangoes grown all across the globe, and it is just It is India that cultivates around 1000 varieties?

The festival not only is a visual and mouth-watering treat, but also reminds us of our rootedness to this tropical fruit as a blessing from Mother Nature. 
So all the mango-lovers mark your calendars, a swamp of varied mangoes from all-over the world is about to hit the city, don’t miss the opportunity.

When: 9-10 July
Where: Dilli Haat, Janak Puri.