Brother - Sister Relationship - The EPIC Fights we all had.

  2017-07-07 15:18:46   Anukanksha

5 pity fights that every siblings have. 

The most hated at the same time loved relationship “brother-sister”

Having a younger brother rather than a sister is like experiencing the best of “both the worlds”.  You get to play with Barbie dolls as well as sports cars. You can watch Ben10 and Hannah Montana together. You love to play video games as much as you love to play kitchen set. The love-hate situation can always be felt but that doesn’t mellow down the fun. We have fascinated of killing each other but separation never crossed our minds. For others we are the best siblings in the whole wide world but the actual “devilish bond” that we share is for our eyes and ears only.  

Here are some of the pity fights tha my 6 and a half years younger brother pick up with me, which every big sister could easily relate to. 

1) How is more loved on
I always get to hear the little one saying to mum “tum didi ko zada payaar karti ho.” in most melancholic tone and It is unbearably irritating to ears because I know mommy loved him more. You know what I mean.

2) “tum inte gandey gaane kase sun sakti ho”
Even if he has, same song is on his playlist, he won’t go without criticizing my taste of music. Just because he can play some musical instruments, he thinks he has mastered the domain. 

3) “please didi please, didi nahi ho meri?” 
If he ever needs anything , he will butter me in sweet childish voice, throwing his pet phrases at me. Starting from bring a glass of water to taking him to his favourite movie. 

4) “tum baadi ho, tum karo”
In all the dicey situations, he pushes me up front. Like, proposing the idea of dine-out to mum-dad, for the day or even taking the permission for his night outs and trips.

5) “Main  nahi de raha, apna khud leao”
We never share things like chocolates, gajjar ka halwa, etc., not even a bit, it’s completely prohibited. 

All these scenario are applicable for me as well but I’m the elder one. I have all the liberty of exploiting him but only me, no-one else can take him lightly. No matter I love him the most in my life, I can’t miss an opportunity to piss him off.