Top 5 chocolates in India that you must try as a chocolate lover

  2017-07-11 00:02:56   Anukanksha

The chocolate seduction, with love, from all across the world, from a small town of some exotic European countries to sumptuous boulangeries in a 7-star hotel, is always on the bucket list of every traveller-cum-chocoholic. 

Women crave it, men hoard it, and Aztec kings were said to have been the first to eat it, the melt-in-the-mouth feeling of chocolate is often described as a true moment of ecstasy. Therefore for an extravagant experience of chocolates, you must try these top 5 premium chocolates: 

1) De’Arco Chocolatier
An online portal specialised in a wide range of rich dark chocolates. Chocolates made from high-quality cocoa beans and cocoa butter procured from the best place across Africa and South America makes De’Arco a quintessential platform to quench your carving for darker and stronger chocolates, RAW and REAL. The chocolates from here taste as organic and true to its flavours as much as possible.

2) Royce’s Chocolates, JW Marriott, Bengaluru
A dark chocolate aficionado doesn’t have to think twice before heading to the Royce Chocolates cafe in the JW Marriott, Bangaluru. Once there must try the Nama chocolates, a delicious Japanese dark chocolate. The rare cacao beans, boutique Champagne and fresh cream from Hokkaido region in Japan, go into making Royce’ chocolates.

3) Nordic Kandie , Kemps Corner, Mumbai
With higher quantity of cocoa variants in chocolates, Nordic Kandie offers best chocolates and its variations sourced from around the globe. The vegan couverture chocolate, a guilt-free box of dark chocolates is a facet to enjoy chocolates at its best.

4) BOGATCHI chocolates
Another online chocolate store, gaining popularity with all possible haste, for its customisation possibilities. First-of-its-kind in India, is an excellent place to experiment with about 1000 million possible chocolate flavours, for the sake of your carving taste buds. 

5) Mammoth
 Mammoth by Kreative Chocolates is a dark chocolate brand that is locally produced and distributed in India. This dark chocolate is a premium handmade treat that has, at least, 45 percent cocoa content. The bitterness is not that strong, and the sweetness is not overpowering. The blend is just right for the Indian taste.