Types of Friends you will find in College - All are Epic!

  2017-07-21 17:50:33   Anukanksha

College is the place where maximum personality transformation takes place. A place where you meet hell lot of people, you can come across with people of various kinds. There are few, the prominent ones, the spot-on one. The College Diva to the college stud here is the list of top 15:

1) Jugaadu “the guy”
The guy who has solution to every problem, answer to every question. He can arrange Arijit Singh’s concert passes at last moment, he can get you discounted 40%-50% discounted drinks in a high profile club, he can get proxy attendance done, he can arrange notes just a week before exam, say anything and it’s done.
Catchphrase: yaar tension maat le, hojayega. (don’t worry, it will be done).

2) Dramebaaz “the drama queen/king”
The person always has an issue with anything and everything. The coffee is too sweet, there is too much cheese in double cheese pizza; the ant is too small, the earth is too big, etc, etc. Most of the nonsense complains comes from this person.
Catchphrase: uff! Kya hai?!?! (ohh! what the hell is this?!?!?)

3) Pataaka “the hottie”
She is well-groomed, well-dressed. She is not cute and sweet, she is HOT and SEXY. Even after puking subsequent to 6 drinks, she looks fab. Most of the boys of the college (senior or junior) have a huge crush on her, but she has friend-zone everyone. She is nice person but most of the people think she have an attitude problem.

4) Catchphrase:  you know what! Mere DP pe 373(or any 3 digit number) likes hai jo maine kal raat/aaj subhe upload kiya tha. (I got 373 likes on my latest DP)

5) Khabri “the gossip spreader”/ “ms know it all”
This person (usually a girl) has the knowledge of every tits and bits in the college. Breakups, fights, cheating, exam failures, bloops, etc she makes sure everybody get to know about it. Though she doesn’t have anything against anyone, she just looovee talking. 
Catchphrase: arre! Teko pata hai kya!! (hey! You know what!!!)

6) Padhaku “the class topper”
This person is a genuine academic, a hard worker and very helpful. She tries her best to help her fellow students as much as possible, with assignments, with projects, with maintaining lab files. Before exams she is ready to explain any topic you want but during exam she hardly moves her head from the question paper. Her comment, after every exam “I could have done better, don’t think will score good marks this time”, but she always ends up as a class topper. 
Catchphrase: tune assignment kiya?? (did you do the assignment)

7) Philosophy jhadne wala “the philosopher”
He loves subjects like linguistics, Shakespeare’s english . He is usually too philosophical and question about everything under the sun. the existence of life on other planets, as well as on earth. They are usually atheists and speaks slowly and a heavy weed smoker. 
Catchphrase: tune kabhi socha hai assa kyu hai?!?! (have you ever thought, why is it like this?!?!)

8) Neta “the member of many clubs and a college Political Party”. He is the founder, co-founder, chairperson or just “motivational leader” of DUSU or ABVP. Hardly attends classes but rarelu have an attendance issue. Often spotted distributing pamphlets or spreading gayan.   
Catchphrase:  yaar meko meeting main jana hai. (I have to attend a meeting)

9) Moti Party “the ATM”
This KID is rich as hell & doesn’t know the fact that he’s rich. He’s more than happy to throw money out to friends to have fun. His wallet is an uninterrupted source of money. Usually spotted with Papa Ki Car. 
Catchphrase:  bolo kahan jana hai after college? My treat. (where to after college? its on me!!)

10) Kanjus “Mr I-am-broke”
This person is one who never chips in an outing. Even if he has money, he’ll say I’m running out of money, next time paka.
Catchphrase:  Aaj nahi yaar paise nahi hai bilkul bhi (please not today, I’m broke)

11) Angrez ki aulaad “the international kid” 
This person starts every conversation with “bonjour” and ends with “chao”. She has little accent. All her chachas and mamas lives in U.S. or U.K. Vacationing in India is totally out of question for her. And in most of the case she doesn’t hold an Indian passport and she loves to flaunt this fact.   
Catchphrase: "Well, when I was in [insert exotic country here]..."

12) Hawa baaz “the show-off”
This person loves to brag about all the stuffs from ridiculously expensive brands. He always has a big mouth about how he bought 50k worth watchf or 5k from customs, but everybody knows the truth, he bought it from Pallika in C.P. for 500, “a genuine fake”.
Catchphrase: maine kal hi naai watch li bees hazaar ki (I bought a watch worth twenty thousand, yesterday).

13) Cheeep “the flirting loser”
This person thinks he is the stud of the college but the truth is exactly the opposite. He flirts with every girl around. 
Catchphrase: Aaj ka kya plan hai? (whats the plan for the day?)

14) M F Hussain ki aulaad “the Van Gogh”
This person is the talented artist, minds his own business, makes no trouble to anyone. He sits quietly at a corner and draws both weird and wonderful stuffs. Kurta and jeans with long curly hair is his trade style. You’ll always find him lost in his thoughts or high on weed. They very possessive about their work, they are the ones responsible for beautiful wall graffiti in the campus.   
Catchphrase: mere sketches maat chuo (don’t touch my sketches).

15) College ka Ranbir kapoor “the college Rockstar”
The most popular kid of the college, everybody knows him, he knows everybody. He is the highlight of every party, most of the girls have crush on him. He is the “dude”.
Catchphrase: Chal party mai milte hai! (see you at the party)

16) And then there is YOU!!
The good old chap. (Well, that’s what you think you are). People hate you, people love you and some people don’t even know who you are. You think you’ve found your life purpose. But you know the fact that your ambitions keep on changing along with time. And at times, you can be one of the 14 types of people above. That’s you