Teej: The celebration of sacred bond of a husband and wife

  2017-07-25 00:08:41   Anukanksha

Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas was once a glorious place where kings, queens, princes, and soldiers lived. Still carrying these reminisces of the past, today, it is a melting pot of culture, history, and heritage. Rajasthan, embedded with historical exuberance and cultural richness, Fairs and festivals of this place is known by one and all. Although a substantial portion of the state of Rajasthan is a desert, these fairs and festivals add colour and life to the regions. That’s the reason Rajasthan is always on the bucket list of any enthusiastic traveler, globally. 

On such gem out of cultural grandeur is Teej festival. Teej is the festival of tradition and customs, celebration of sacred bond of a husband and wife. 

Teej is celebrated during the monsoon season, between July and August. This year it on 26 and 27 July. On this occasion, married women seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and Parvati for a happy marital life. It welcomes the rains given that Rajasthan’s many areas are desert regions. Teej Festival is also the festival of swings. Hung from trees, the swings are elaborately decorated, especially with flowers. Women are dressed in traditional costumes that are mostly green in color. During this time, married women sing, dance, and invoke the blessings of the almighty.

These married women are also given gifts from their parents. Women get dressed up alluring attire and jewellery. Henna and vermilion are integral part of their attire. Gifts include sweets as well with Ghevar, a special type of Rajasthani sweet being the most popular. Lahariya, a multicolored sari is another thing that is received by these women with glee. 

 Fairs and processions are also conducted in honour of Goddess Teej – the incarnation of Parvati. A large Teej procession winds its way through the old city in Jaipur, in which a brightly adorned idol of Goddess Durga is placed on a palanquin. Thousands of devotes are part of this procession which is carried out for two consecutive days. Fairs are one of the prime highlights of the festival, which are frequented by women, both married and unmarried who are regally dressed. The fairs have a number of foods and handicraft stalls and comprises of singing and dancing. Convoy of beautified elephants, horses and camels led the impressive procession. Various folk dances are performed to the tunes of folk songs during this rally.

This spectacular celebration of love and relationship pervade with fun and frolic, should be experienced by everyone.