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Chocolate- a lovable gift

Posted by admin 09/10/2021 0 Comment(s)

There are two types of lovers in this world:

1) The perfectionists who plan surprises for their loved ones 6 months in advance.

2) The lovers who start freaking out as Valentine's Day approaches.

95% of the people reading this article fall in the second group. We are the ones who do the last minute shopping, but that doesn't mean we love our sweethearts any less than the perfectionists. This article will help you'll buy your sweetheart a perfect valentine gift and make him/her feel special.

Maybe you are stuck because your boyfriend has everything! From the latest gadgets to the latest clothes. Or maybe your girlfriend's make up, clothes and hair is up to date What do you give a person who already has everything? What do you do in such a situation??? The universal solution? CHOCOLATES!!!!!

Why chocolates? Let me tell you!

1) Chocolates are good for health

Chocolates have antioxidants, are good for the heart, help in weight loss, have anti-aging properties, help reduce stress levels, and the list goes on!

Chocolate is the perfect gift that tastes good and is also very healthy.

2) A unique experience

Give your lover a box full of chocolates with fillings. In case your lover is a gym freak, hold his/her hand and tell them they are wonderful the way they are. They work hard all year long and a small cheat treat wouldn't do any harm. Pop a chocolate into their mouth and enjoy the look of ecstacy on their face. Once they tast the delicious filling, watch them have a chocogasm and pat yourself on the back for buying the perfect gift.

3) Wonderful shapes, sizes and textures

Chocolates come in all shapes and sizes. Hearts, circles, boxes, roses and so on. Different fillings give different experiences. Try eating a liquor chocolate. When you are enjoying the delicious chocolate in your mouth, it gradually melts and a little(but delicious) amount of liquor melts through the chocolate directly on your tongue. The experience is phenomenal!

If you do not consume alcohol, you can have a similar experience with salty peanut butter, Creamy strawberry, crunchy almonds, etc

4) You can never go wrong with chocolate!

Bought her a dress that you worry maybe tight? Bought him something that you worry he may already own? Chuck all of that aside! With chocolate you can never go wrong! IEven f they already have a box at home, they will gladly accept the new one without thinking twice.

5) Creativity with chocolate

Show your Sweetie you care by creating something out of chocolate. You could use chocolates as topping for your homemade cake, make your own milkshake out of chocolate, and you could even use chocolate to pop the question. You could organise a small treasure hunt for him/her. Each time a clue is solved, they get a chocolate. The last clue should lead to you with a chocolate box. Hide a ring in the box. When they open the box, the look on their face will be worth the trouble.

All in all, this Valentine's Day show your partner that you care,

Chocolate is the gift he/she will love, we swear!

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