Our Factory

Bogatchi chocolates is know for its Customization, Quality and Taste. At Bogatchi chocolates we take utmost care of hygiene and taste. The chocolates are delicately handcrafted to ensure best chocolaty experience. We have our manufacturing setup in Delhi.

Bogatchi chocolates are popular for its freshness and unique blend of tastes. At our state of the art manufacturing setup we bring your unique experiments with chocolate to reality. The utmost care is taken to nurture your chocolate dreams and make it same 'as you want to taste'. 

Expert Chocolatiers at BOGATCHI make sure that each and every detail is taken care to ensure that your chocolate would taste as chocolate not just meetha. The chocolates you conceptualize goes into our system and our chocolatiers get into action to realize it. The chocolate making area is most secured and only chocolatiers are allowed to enter the zone. This way we ensure that all chocolates are prepared in a secured and hygienic environment.