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Chocolate always had a bad reputation for causing weight gain due to lot of calories but every coin has two side positive and negative both. But sad part is that its positive side has never showed to us. There is various health benefits also associated with this delicious treat. Many psychologists have always researched about its positive side and its benefits. In the mid 1970s psychologist Merrill Elias began tracking the cognitive abilities of a thousand people and the goal was to observe the relationship between people’s blood pressure and brain performance and for decades he did just that. Eventually expanding the Maine- Syracuse congitudinal study to observe other risk factors including diabetes, obesity and smoking. Late in the study they decided to ask the participants about their diet. The questionnaire gathered all sorts of information about the dietary habits of the participants and the dietary habits of the participants revealed on interesting pattern. They found that people who eat chocolate at least once a week tend to perform better cognitively. It is also found in the research that eating chocolate correlated with various positive health outcomes but very few had explored the treat’s effect on the brain and behavior and even fewer had observed the effect of habitual chocolate consumption. In the first of two analyses, they compared the mean scores on various cognitive tests of participants who reported eating chocolate less than once a week and those who reported eating it at least once a week. They found a significant positive association between chocolate intake and its cognitive performance, which helped even after adjusting for various variables that might have screwed the results, including age because chocolate slows down the aging process, education, cardiovascular risk factors and dietary habits. Eating chocolate scientifically connected with memory it can be either visual or working. It is also known as the mood elevator because it totally changes your mood, makes you feel fresh and active and reduces all your stress. Eating of chocolate increases the flow of blood which in turn improves a number of functions. After research it has been praised by some experts for its antioxidant content. Some studies have suggested that chocolate could lower down the cholesterol level and prevent memory decline.

Today chocolate is lauded for its tremendous antioxidant potential that’s why average American consumes around 4.5 kg of chocolate in a year. So next time when you will eat a piece of chocolate you may not have to feel overly guilty about it.

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