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Eco Friendly Rakhi Gift Ideas For A Conscious Earth Loving Sibling

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Happiness is a mental habit, A mental attitude. There are so many reasons to be happy. Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose your happiness. So, one of the choices for our happiness is our siblings. Happiness is when spending time with my siblings. Siblings are the people who teach us about fairness and corporation and kindness and caring. The presence of the siblings gives us the wings to fly and strength. This is one of the most cherished relationships of all.


Raksha Bandhan

This is a very much special Hindu festival celebrated in India.  It is the symbol of the love between the brother and sister. on the full moon night, Luni solar in the month of Shravan in august Raksha Bandhan comes.

The two words are "Raksha" and "Bandhan." In the Sanskrit terminology, the occasion means "the tie or knot of protection" where "Raksha" stands for protection and "Bandhan" signifies tie. Together, the festival symbolizes the eternal love of the brother-sister relationship which does not mean just blood relationships only.  among cousins, sister and sister-in-law (Bhabhi),  and other such relations is siblings and celebrate this festival.


History Of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan has its roots in a popular incident described in the epic of  Mahabharata. Once upon a time Lord Krishna was flying a kite and cut one of his fingers with the thread. Then Draupadi tore a piece from her saree and tied it to his finger to stop the bleeding. Moved by the gesture, Krishna promised her that he will protect her from all the evils throughout his life.

These days, when sisters tie rakhi, brothers offer them some gifts and sweets. We all wear new clothes.


What If Your Sibling Is Concerned About The Environment?

Have a sibling who is more concerned for the earth than you? For this caring soul and heart, you may need to revise your gift ideas for this rakhi celebration and pick something that is nature friendly.

Well, presenting heartwarming gifts of Raksha Bandhan, siblings buy rakhi and gifts for each other. Although you can buy anything under this sky since now you know what your sibling really cares about your gift it would be better if you take this into consideration while buying a present. If you are seeing your sibling caring about the planet, and promoting a ‘greener’ lifestyle, then I have the best nature-friendly gift ideas that will help you make them happy on this Raksha Bandhan.

Eco-friendly gifts are actually mindful and lovely gifts. This comes from the thought of taking care of our mother earth and purchasing only those things that do not harm the planet. Not many out there, but some people are trying to bring a positive change in the environment to make eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan. How can you contribute your part to this beautiful environmental eco-friendly idea? Stick to eco-friendly gifts that become marvelous and outstanding gifts for Raksha Bandhan and other festivals. Delight your nature-loving sibling with the following eco-friendly rakhi gifts.


Rakhi Gift Ideas For Siblings

Some of the eco-friendly rakhi gift ideas for your siblings to make them happy and feel special in this Raksha Bandhan.

1. Solar power charger

One of the best rakhi gift ideas is here. The charger we get along with each new phone set, is garbage once discarded, cannot be decomposed, and only add up to the dumped waste. We keep on changing our phones every 2 to 3 years without thinking about what will eventually happen to the charger as well. But your conscious sibling does get bothered with this bad thought. So, for him or her, an amazing soul-satisfying eco-friendly rakhi gift would be a solar power charger that works with the more efficient energy – sun.

2. Beautiful design handmade gift hamper

For the stationery-loving sisters, this gift hamper is the perfect present for rakhi. This hamper contains a useless magazine/file holder for storing books and files, a file with 4 handmade papers, a set of bookmarks, a notebook to pen down your thoughts, a large tray to hold all your papers, and an envelope, a notepad box!  This is a good eco-friendly rakhi gift. We all know that these all gifts are easily composted.

3. Bamboo speaker

For all the music-loving sisters and brothers, this bamboo sound amplifier is a great rakhi gift idea. This is a handy speaker with no cables, power source, or charging required, and is completely lightweight and eco-friendly with the environment. These bamboo speakers amplify the bass and volume to give you an amazing and great musical experience with your phone and it supports devices of different sizes and weights. The product is packed using 100% zero plastic, making this a sustainable eco-friendly rakhi gift.

4. Organic bath bombs

Organic bath bombs are handmade soaps that leave all the artificial raw material. It uses organic ingredients. Soaps are made with only natural ingredients to improve your bathing experience. It does not harm the skin of the earth in any way. This gift is a great pick for your sibling who is into skincare and says no to chemical-infused soaps and other products.

5. Eco-friendly desk bundle

One of the best rakhi gift ideas for your younger sister/brother is this deck for your desk bundle. This hamper contains plantable pencils, a 100% recyclable notebook, and a photo frame, which is perfect for her study table for them. This product is 100% plastic-free and sustainable, and it can be used and composted in the soil after they are used.

6. Eco-friendly rakhi

You surely heard about the eco-friendly rakhis. If you haven’t, well, you will love the idea as eco-friendly rakhis are something that you can put into spoil after the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. This rakhi will grow into a beautiful plant for us

7. Wellness gift kit

The perfect gift for a sister who loves this wellness kit that offers relaxation and pain relief. These hot and cold packs can be a great source of relief for tired muscles for her. This set includes an eye therapy pack, a basic multipurpose pack, an aroma therapy spritzer, and many more. This gift is with 100% natural ingredients of cotton, herbs, and essential oils. These are ergonomically designed to contour to various body parts and can offer circulation after a heavy workout day to her!


These are the perfect eco-friendly gift ideas for your siblings. So, celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with these beautiful eco-friendly rakhi gifts.

This Raksha Bandhan, I pray to god for the blessings to the most beautiful bond in this world AND GROW STRONGER.


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